• How To Take Care A Curly Wig

    How To Take Care A Curly Wig
    How to take care a wig is very important. Especially a Curly wig.because the curl shape must be maintained for the wig to retain most of its original look.and a curly wig is easy to become a disaster if do not manage it properly Follow are some tips for curly wig care .please check : 1.When purchasing a curly, choose a light density. All...
  • How To Apply A Lace Wig

    How To Apply A Lace Wig
    After you receive the package of your new lace wig. you will meet a question :how to apply a lace wig? As we all know .the correct appliation will make the wig more beautiful and natural.So hurry up now .let's learn it together!! 1.Flat your natural hair In order to get your natural hair as flat as possible.you can prepare your hair as wrapping.pin curling and...
  • Common problems for curly hair wigs and solutions

    Common problems for curly hair wigs and solutions
    Curly hair lace wig looks amazing and many people like it ,but it can also be a royal pain. Many people have the same complaints for curly hair wigs,frizz and tangle. Remember: You are not alone! We have some solutions .  Frizz Curly hair lace wigs can frizz up easily.The reasons are: Firstly,the hair texture may be too dry because you’re not giving it the nourishment it needs.You know...
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