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“Textures Feel Just Like Your Own Natural Hair!”

Caribbean Bundle Braids
Escape into the tropics with Caribbean Bundle Braids, the hair that allows you to embrace natural island hair textures that feel like your own! Caribbean Bundle Braid natural textures are lightweight and made finger friendly for an easy braiding experience!

Available Colors:
1 1B 2 27 30 4 P1B/30 P1B/BUG P4/30

• Soft Human-Like Texture
• Finger-Friendly
• Fuller & Natural
• Lightweight
• Easy Combing & Styling


RETURN POLICY In order for us to maintain the quality of our products, we will not accept the return of any products for reasons other than them being damaged or defective. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. *We understand that this policy is tough but it is requirement due to the nature of our products. Could you imagine receiving hair that someone else touched or handled? Neither can we so this policy is STRICTLY ENFORCED! .

Color Chart
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