Blend of medium and small waves. This is PREMIUM crochet hair and can be straightened! Sold as a full install/style. You only need to order 1 package (it is the equivalent of 6 packs of hair) length: 22 inches Formerly...
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Sierra Curl Package
Blend of 2 curl patterns. This hair is not low maintenance. if you are new to crochet, please buy a Snapback crochet spray to help you maintain the look of this gorgeous style. You will receive more than enough for one install...
from $65.00
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All the Coily girls represent! Yaya's texture is pure quality, giving all the definition and curl consistency you crave without the product overload. Our premium hand-blended, 100%Toyokalon synthetic hair is ready for easy crochet installation. When it comes to simply...
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