Bye Bye Basic Beauty. It’s A Famous Beauty Experience Makeover! When it comes to beauty supply shopping for black women seeking crochet hair extensions, a few experiences typically apply:

Natural-looking crochet hair is scarce with so-so quality at best, which means your style is never effortlessly fly.

Buying hair extensions from neighborhood stores and vendors that don’t understand or care about your hair can be downright traumatic. Styling results vary, which means you could spend hours and hundreds of extra dollars trying to re-create her look with 6-8 packs of hair.

Breathe Easy, Covergirl! Be Famous is here to Upgrade your Style Experience with premium-blend crochet hair for your fierce protective styling. Your style status will never be the same. Our famous hair collections feature textures from Indian waves to Jamaican coils to bless up your look and make you feel famous and fabulous with the red carpet vibes you want and the everyday function you need.
Be Famous Beauty is a black-owned online beauty supply that specializes in premium blended crochet hair extensions. Owned by a second-generation hairstylist, Be Famous is more than simply a place to buy beauty supplies, though it will quickly become your preferred beauty shopping destination. The Beautique celebrates the style, identity, and beauty of its customers with a luxury shopping experience that also honors famous and well-loved Black women in the arts and media— while making everyday women feel
just as fabulous.
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