How To Take Care A Curly Wig

How to take care a wig is very important. Especially a Curly wig.because the curl shape must be maintained for the wig to retain most of its original look.and a curly wig is easy to become a disaster if do not manage it properly

Follow are some tips for curly wig care .please check :

1.When purchasing a curly, choose a light density. All human hair will increase in volume as it is worn.

2.Cut the ends of your wig if necessary. Curly wigs especially have a tendency to become frizzy and tangled. Cutting a few centimeters off the ends of your wig can help, but of course, you can only do this so many times without drastically altering the style of your wig.

3.Never brush curly hair when it’s dry, as this causes frizz which over time damages the hair. Brush only when wet and only with a Denman brush or better still a wide tooth comb. You can use a large tooth comb when it’s dry but don’t comb it more than twice in a day – too much combing causes shedding and frizzing of your curly wig.If it begins frizzing .just cutting the frizzies, also dont comb or brush it. just finger comb the curls. Try not to handle the hair too much, this will cause frizzies also.

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